meat loaf retiring gi Meat Loaf is retiring from music to focus on being an actor

Meat Loaf is done with music. The singer is currently giving his final performances and admits that he is finally and officially retiring.

“Mostly what I want to concentrate on is film, because I am an actor,” he tells STV. “I have never thought of myself as a singer in my life, I have even thought of myself as an American football player or an actor.”

He adds to Reuters TV, “This is really it … I just don’t want to travel anymore. I outweigh [Mick] Jagger by about 100 pounds and that counts for something. He hasn’t seen the wear and tear.”

Meat Loaf seems to attribute some of his health problems to his decision to retire. In the interviews, he complains about the 18 concussions he’s had, his bad knees and knee replacement surgeries and his problems with his vocal chords and asthma.

In the past, Meat Loaf has appeared in movies like “Fight Club” and “BloodRayne.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz