meek mill cassidy kendrick you lamar next Meek Mill releases Cassidy diss track, Kendrick Lamar is next

What would rap music be without the occasional diss track? Thankfully, the world will never know because there’s always “beef” somewhere. The latest happens to be between Meek Mill and Philadelphia rapper Cassidy, who Meek goes after in his new song “Kendrick You Next.”
The feud between the two is nothing new, it actually kicked off in 2012 when Meek threw out a battle rap challenge. They egged each other on through Twitter and swapped diss tracks, before Mill decided he was done. However, after Cassidy released a second diss track, which was ten minutes long, that cease fire was called off.
Throughout “Kendrick You Next,” Mill raps over several well-known beats, including Notorious B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya?” Among the barbs he sends at his opponent are lyrics like, “Cassidy, boy you’re so trash to me. Do the math, I dissed you, that’s subtracting me. You ain’t poppin’. What the f*** could you add to me?”
As the title would lead you to believe, Cassidy isn’t the only one Meek is targeting, as he also has his sights set on another rapper, Kendrick Lamar. He says on Twitter that Lamar will be a topic on his new mixtape, “Dreamchasers 3.” “Ima catch Kendrick on da intro I ain’t forget! Lol,” he says before adding, “But really everybody gone get it on Dat new intro!” Should be interesting to see who else is named.
“Dreamchasers 3” is set to drop September 20. You can listen to “Kendrick You Next” below. Warning: There is very strong language in the song, from F-bombs to racial slurs.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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