Rufus_meerkatmanor_240Perhaps you’ve thought it crazy to bring a kid into this crazy world and times we live in today. However, if you’re a resident of Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation, kids not only represent life and power on the Kalahari, the lack thereof could mean your loss of position within your family… and even your ultimate death.

If Dickens was alive today, he’d shake his head at these Spoilers.

Just like those teenagers in Massachusetts, it seems all the residents of the Kalahari have decided that they should procreate at the same time. For Rocket Dog, she’s been down this road before, albeit unsuccessfully. However, she’s come too far now to lose her unborn pups to any sort of desert threat. Her place as the dominant Whiskers female will only be secure if she can successfully give birth and see to it that the kids survive the first three weeks.

Our roving Whiskers clan is in need of a proper burrow for Rocket Dog to give birth. With Zorro now with the Commandos, newly minted dominant male Mitch leads the search for a new home. They’re in need of a place, and in a hurry.

Speaking of Zorro, he’s overseeing his new family. Using his anal gland, (didn’t need to hear that!), he takes the time to mark his new brothers and sisters with the sweet smell of male dominance. The Jazz Quartet that followed Zorro quickly take to their new roles as comic relief in a family that desperately needs it.

Nikita is most definitely on the warpath. She didn’t become the dominant female by being nice to everyone. Being a mother of 12 with more on the way, Nikita grows more paranoid by the day that someone will overtake her as head of the Commandos.

Naturally, she does what every rational pregnant woman does… she rids herself and the family of every female who poses even the slightest threat to her dominance.

First to be evicted from the Commandos is Rosie. No matter what she did to win over Nikita, it clearly wasn’t enough. Venus is next to go, and while it seems sister Serena might earn a reprieve by helping Nikita, in the end she is booted as well.

Zorro joins in the effort in a show of loyalty to his new woman. One by one, the ladies are chased off. In the end, only a couple females remain in the clan Commando.

While Nikita’s purge of the ladies of the clan seems like a good idea on the surface, this may actually come back to bite her in the ass in the long run. The males will definitely work in a pinch, but it’s the gals who are the natural babysitters. With Nikita set to deliver a new litter of pups soon, her overzealous actions have effectively rid the Commandos of mucho maternal influence.

Kids, the lesson here is that you should never hold a grudge without thinking through the long-term effects of your short-term family pissing match.

Back with the Whiskers, the first burrow they find isn’t quite suitable for an impending birth, so after one night the family is back on the prowl. The family needs to find a burrow and soon, not only because Rocket Dog is ready to do the damn thing, but there’s a menacing eagle circling overhead.

Alas, a home is found and just in the nick of time! Mitch and young Axel work overtime to spruce up the birthing suite. Rocket Dog inspects and approves the new digs, then promptly retires underground.

When she later emerges, it becomes known that she successfully gave birth to two pups! Damned if I didn’t see the new kids and think how cute they are.

The newest members of the Whiskers family aren’t out of the woods just yet. The next three weeks will determine whether Rocket Dog will truly be the anointed, undisputed leader of the Whiskers family. But for now, she enjoys a post-pregnancy lounge in the sun.

Next time on MM:TNG, Sophie and Wilson, sittin’ in a tree while Rocket Dog battles any and every threat to her new pups, including snakes.

Cheers to Rocket Dog and the new kids… but will the new pups live to see another day? Will Nikita have to invest in au pairs for her soon-to-be new pups? Have the Aztecs faded into obscurity like so many other families featured on the Manor?

Posted by:Brandon Millman