Rocketdog_whProof that nature is the ultimate reality show reared its ugly head on tonight’s Meerkat Manor: The Next Generation. Take dynamic personalities, add interesting challenges in an environment that changes every minute, mixed with the occasional plot twist that’s being filmed by conveniently placed cameras… it truly does not get any better than this.

Evel Dick does not approve, nor does he care about these Spoilers.

Being in Southern California, I have almost forgotten how bad a raging thunderstorm can be. I can only imagine being a Meerkat in the Kalahari makes for an even more uncomfortable time during a storm. The Whiskers huddle underground… dry, but scared and definitely hungry. The spring storms are most definitely here.

It’s party time at the Manor as Rocket Dog is finally preggers. The announcement of new pups came not a moment too soon as the heir presumptive had been struggling with leadership duties lately. However, there’s the good chance Sophie is pregnant as well, which isn’t exactly the best news she could have. In true Big Brother fashion, Head of Household Rocket Dog has nominated Sophie for eviction.

The live vote is coming up.

But first, Seacrest, the new rover du jour, is having a time keeping tabs on a vulture overhead. Being a rover isn’t easy, but you can be quite the playboy if you play your cards right. If you’re lucky, you can also happen upon family members in need of a strong male, like Seacrest does with Maybelline (she’s back!) and the Aztec women.

Back at Whiskers, the storms have provided the family with a new buffet of food. Hungry no more, the family pokes at very active caterpillars. Sophie takes charge at a climbing caterpillar, only to fall and injure her paw. I really feel for the girl as the cameras zoom in on her obvious pain. Rocket Dog honestly could care less as she leads the family to another location for food, leaving the injured Sophie behind. The fact that she even attempts to catch up with the family makes me root for her all the more.

Up ahead, Rocket Dog has her eyes on a new troublemaker. With her newfound leadership skills, she marks the rest of the ladies with her patented “Eau de Chastity Belt” scent. She wants none of the girls to become pregnant and will do anything to keep it that way.

The injured Sophie hobbles back to the Whiskers, begging Rocket Dog for mercy and continued acceptance into the family. Rocket Dog relents, but after she’s welcomed back, the wayward rover pokes his business in Sophie’s general direction. If only she’d immediately reject him, she wouldn’t have had the entire family charging at her and chasing the rover away. Rocket Dog ultimately chooses not to use the Golden Power Of Veto, thus ensuring the Whiskers alliance turns on Sophie and votes her out of the Manor.

The interview with Julie Chen is coming up.

Desperately seeking airtime this season, Maybelline and the Aztecs dig around for some new housing, considering the last burrow contained nothing but fleas. The Aztecs begin to raise their barn with the ever dashing Seacrest on sentry duty. He begins to cry wolf, but none of the other Aztecs can find any danger, so the call to arms is ignored.

Sophie looks depressed. Being the only banished member of the Whiskers to the lonely jury house does not bode well for her. She longs for acceptance anywhere, but is unlikely to find anything. She’s had a good run of bad luck that she hopes will turn around.

Meanwhile, the newly emboldened Rocket Dog leads the energized Whiskers on a charge of the Aztecs new territory. Maybelline can’t help but wonder what brought all this aggression on. Sadly for the smaller Aztec family, they are no match for the Whiskers and must abandon their new home. Sleep well tonight Rocket Dog… as you have regained your Head of Household status.

Next time on MM:TNG, once again the rovers are up to no good, while Sophie adjusts to life outside the family.

Quite the 180° turn for Rocket Dog, but can she keep this up? Will Sophie ever be forgiven for sins against the family Whiskers? Can Maybelline and the Aztecs finally find a way to solve their population problems?

Posted by:Brandon Millman