amy locane getty Meet Amy Locane Bovenizer: 'Melrose Place' actress charged with DUI manslaughterAmy Locane-Bovenizer, best known for a run as Sandy Harling on the original “Melrose Place” in 1992 and as Allison in “Cry-Baby”, has plead not guilty to D.U.I. manslaughter. The actress, who was known simply as Amy Locane when she starred on the primetime soap, struck the passenger side of another vehicle in June of 2010 in Montgomery, NJ.

The passenger in the other car, Helene Seeman, was pronounced dead on the scene, and her husband Fred Seeman, who was driving, was in critical condition with 10 broken ribs. Yes, 10.

Earlier that night, Locane-Bovenizer rear-ended another vehicle at an intersection in a minor hit-and-run accident, driving away while the other driver phoned police. The driver followed Locane and reported that she was swerving and hitting mailboxes.

Locane-Bovenizer is currently out on a $50,000 bail. Despite relative obscurity since her “Melrose” days, the actress has continued to work, appearing in TV movies, films, and shorts over the years.

The Huffington Post reports that Locane-Bovenizer’s lawyer is seeking to have her indictment dismissed.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie