garfield as spiderman Meet Andrew Garfield's Spider Man: First shot of the suit surfacesFinally! It feels like we’ve been waiting for this photo of Hollywood’s latest it-boy, Andrew Garfield, in his “Spider-Man” costume all our lives. (Okay, so maybe he was just cast in July, but still.)

The Spidey suit in the reboot isn’t too far a cry from the one we’re used to seeing on Tobey Maguire or from the classic comic book version. It is, if you will, a respectful re-imagining of the iconic image.

The most notable difference is the spider on Garfield’s chest. While previous suits have had more instantly recognizable spiders, it appears that director Marc Webb went with an abstract spider for Garfield. In fact, it almost looks like a spider that’s been crushed under someone’s shoe, with its creepy spider legs all akimbo.

(Peter Parker himself doesn’t look to be too happy in this shot, either. Ouch.)

If you’re worried about Garfield’s ability to play Parker, you’re not the only one – he shares your fears. At a Young Hollywood Panel at this fall’s AFI Fest, Garfield said, “This is a beloved character and, you know, ironically, I’m gonna be the
person in the audience going, ‘Sh*t! This is sh*t. Who cast this English fool?'”

Alright, weigh in, Peter Parker fans – we know you’ll have some choice thoughts on this. Do you dig the changes?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie