ashlee Meet Ashlee, the 'boss bitch' of 'Big Rich Atlanta'“I knew I was going to be the ringleader calling the shots of this show. These people are like pawns in my circus. …  I get these women all f***** up and I love it.”

That’s Ashlee, the self-proclaimed boss bitch of “Big Rich Atlanta” on the Style network. She knows she’s the villain of the show — and she’s just fine with that. “People know what reality television is. We’re here to entertain.” As for what people will think of her? “My friends and family know who I am.”

And she thinks you need to know who she is, too — because as far as she’s concerned, she’s “the only legit person on the whole show.” The trust-fund baby has been looking down from on high since she was a kid — literally. “When I was  a small child, I actually had my own office [in my grandfather’s building]. He would put me at a desk on top of a desk so I could be above everybody.”

Now Ashlee is living the high life in the tony Buckhead section of Atlanta: “I live in the most affluent high-rise. I’m in the middle of this town, I know this town, I run this town. I was Miss [Teen] Georgia, so I didn’t mind going there and telling these girls that were wannabes what was up.”

Not that anyone else in the cast measures up to Ashlee’s pedigree: “Honestly, there’s not but maybe a couple of people in this show that are in my society. I actually got to see people who are not what I’d consider rich, but they are rich in their society and their part of Atlanta …. Megan and Marcia are the only other Buckhead girls on my show.”

Yes, she did call it “my show” — and she promises big things from it: “There are three things that will happen on this show that have never happened in the history of reality television, and in all three of them, I’m in some way or shape involved in. If people don’t tune into this show, they don’t appreciate reality television. Things will happen on this show that will never happen before, and I’d like to say that I was the mastermind behind it.”

And if that’s not enough, Ashlee says, “When you watch this show you’ll see what happens when you f*** with the boss.” So if you like your reality shows dripping with luxury, your villains blonder than blond, and your parties complete with cat fights and the occasional (real) grenade, you’ve got to tune in to “Big Rich Atlanta” on Style.

Posted by:Zap2it