teen benedict cumberbatch look alike Meet Benedict Cumberbatch's doppelgänger: British teen's selfies go viral in China

Benedict Cumberbatch has one of the most unique faces in show business, so it’s hard to believe that he of all people has a doppelgänger. But it turns out, he’s got a look-alike out there in the world who’s starting to get a taste of what Cumberbatch goes through on a daily basis.

Meet British teenager Tyler Michell, who looks exactly like the “Sherlock” star. This 16-year-old gained notoriety by posting selfies on Instagram with hashtags like #benedict, #cumberbatch, #sherlock, etc. but got more than he bargained for when Chinese followers helped his photos go viral.

Michell started receiving thousands of comments in Chinese on his photos, and it got to the point where he posted a note on Instagram begging his followers to stop commenting. “Chinese followers. Stop commenting on all my stuff,” Michell writes.

Now Michell has more in common with Cumberbatch than just his face … he’s got the unwanted fame, too.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum