conan flaming c Meet Conan O'Brien's superhero alter ego, 'The Flaming C'Conan O’Brien, superhero? It’s happened before, and it’s happening again.

You may recall that when O’Brien was with NBC, he was the weakling animated sidekick to Jim Gaffigan in the “Pale Force” web cartoons. Now, with the help of other members of the Warner Bros. empire, he’s been turned into a (slightly) more imposing hero.

Monday night (Jan. 10) O’Brien unveiled the animation debut of The Flaming C, probably the only superhero in history who wears fishnet stockings, loafers and a steaming oven mitt on his right hand. The character, drawn by top DC animator Bruce Timm with heavy input from O’Brien, appeared in a clip of Cartoon Network’s series “Young Justice.”

You can see the auspicious(?) debut after the jump.


Posted by:Rick Porter