cristin milioti how i met your mother gi Meet Cristin Milioti, 'How I Met Your Mother's' long awaited title character

It’s official: the Girl With the Yellow Umbrella” is in fact “How I Met Your Mother’s” titular mother. Fans have been waiting eight long seasons to learn who the woman Ted Mosby settles down with is, and after countless fakeouts and teases, the Season 8 finale revealed actress Cristin Milioti is that woman.

So how did Milioti land the part of “How I Met Your Mother’s” Mother? According to series co-creator Carter Bays, the show’s casting director has been talking to Milioti for a while now.

“Part of what helped us is our casting director Marisa [Ross], she sort of has been talking about Cristin for two years now,” Bays tells Entertainment Weekly. “It helped that she turned us onto her and then the more we got to know Cristin and see her work, the more we realized, Yeah, she’s the right choice. So that definitely helped, because we didn’t want to do a big casting cattle call — we were going to make it ‘come audition for Barney’s cousin’ or something.”

While we still don’t know much about the mother beyond the fact that she has a yellow umbrella, there is plenty we can share about Milioti. She is actually best known for her work on Broadway, and recently wrapped up her stint as “Girl” in the musical adaptation of “Once.” The 27-year-old New Jersey native received a Tony nomination for the role.

Milioti has taken a number of small but memorable roles in TV shows like “30 Rock” and “The Sopranos.” Though she only appeared in one episode of “30 Rock,” Milioti left her mark as new writer Abby Flynn, a woman with a very annoying voice.

In “The Sopranos,” Milioti appeared three times as Catherine Sacrimoni, the daughter of New York City mafia boss Johnny Sacrimoni.” She also starred as Onya Eggertson in one episode of “The Good Wife.” 

Milioti also has done work in feature films. Recently took small roles in “Sleepwalk With Me” and Martin Scorsese‘s upcoming feature “The Wolf of Wall Street.” She also has a history of starring in commercials, as can be seen below.

Do you think Milioti is a good choice for the Mother?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz