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This week, I have out a print profile of "Heroes" star Cristine Rose. It’s a column that’s not often posted on the Internet, so I thought I’d share.

Cristine Rose Is Mother of ‘Heroes’

When fans meet actress Cristine Rose, who plays the Machiavellian Angela Petrelli on NBC’s Monday series "Heroes," she says they sometimes don’t get what they expect.

"What I’ve gotten is that people seem surprised that I seem so nice and cheerful, as opposed to this rather brooding, evil, manipulative woman. My friend that I’ve known for decades said, ‘I’ve just never met her, Angela. Who have we been entertaining all these years?’"

As to whether this friend or others takes a step back after seeing Rose indulge her darker impulses as Angela, Rose quips, "No, but they handed me money and asked me to stay away. ‘Please don’t darken our doorway again.’ ‘But Christmas…’ ‘No, please, just stay away.’"

In the superhero drama, Angela has three sons: politician Nathan (Adrian Pasdar), who can fly; former nurse Peter (Milo Ventimiglia), who can do all sorts of things, some of them quite dangerous; and adopted-out Gabriel, a k a Sylar (Zachary Quinto), who can also do dangerous things, including sucking powers out of superheroes’ brains.

"They’re just heartache, heartache," Rose says of Angela’s boys. "They’ve really missed the mark as Nup_131283_0798_2
far as a mother’s dreams. Obviously, she’s not shy about trying to do away with them as necessary — one
bullet to the head."

This season, Rose also gets to go toe-to-toe with veteran actor Robert Forster, who plays Angela’s long-missing husband, Arthur.

"I’ve played murderers, wacky next-door neighbors and mothers a lot," Rose says, "and so to be able to play regular, major scenes opposite people my age has been a lot of fun."

We also ask stars about their favorite things. Here are Rose’s answers:

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