If, for whatever reason, you are not having the best day, get ready to grin from ear to ear.

The New York Post has found the silver lining to Manhattan’s epic, noisy, inconvenient  Second Avenue Subway construction, and it’s a Local 40 ironworker who spends his lunch break serenading passersby with Rat Pack tunes.

A clip of Garry Russo singing Frank Sinatra‘s “Summer Wind” appeared on YouTube on Aug. 1 and is quickly getting viral traction.

Russo’s audible resemblance to Old Blue Eyes is impressive enough on its own, but the natural entertainer presence he exudes, snapping his finger and nodding his head on his makeshift crosswalk stage, is something else entirely.

As are his earnest motivations. “We’ve infected this neighborhood with noise,” he tells the Post when asked why he’s started the impromptu concerts. “I’d be up in arms, too.”

Russo went on to say that he just appreciates having an outlet for his singing, because he apparently drives his family with his karaoke.

Is it too late to get this dude on “X-Factor?” 

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell