jacob artist glee season 4 Meet 'Glee' Season 4 newbie Jacob Artist, a.k.a. Jake PuckermanThe choir room is getting a new bad boy with a bad attitude when 19-year-old Jacob Artist joins the cast of “Glee” as Jacob Puckerman — yep, he’s Puck’s (Mark Salling) younger half-brother. In real life, though, Artist couldn’t have been nicer when Zap2it caught up with him the day after he nabbed the coveted role.

Seriously, it was the day after — he only began the audition process two weeks ago. Artist found out he got the role just hours before it was announced. In fact, he didn’t even meet any of his costars until they were introduced at FOX’s Television Critics Association press tour party. So obviously he has yet to read a script.

“I literally know nothing. I don’t really know any details so we’ll see what happens,” Artist says of his role.

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What he does know: Jake’s been in Lima this whole time, he just wasn’t ever mentioned on the show before. “He’s kind of been hanging out under the radar. What I know thus far is that he’s kind of a bad boy with a little bit of an attitude problem.”

Hm, that sounds familiar. “We’ll see if that gets in the way of him getting into New Directions and how he’s going to interact with everybody. So we’ll see if he can straighten himself out.”

Much like his older brother, Jake’s bad attitude is likely a result of some struggles at home. “I think it comes from him being wounded. It’s not just him being the bad boy, arrogant guy for no reason,” Artist says.

Although Artist has yet to meet his on-screen brother, he says Jake and Noah will eventually come into contact. “I’m pretty sure there’ll be some interaction. It’ll
be interesting to see how the dynamic plays out. It’ll be fun to see the bad
boy and the bad boy [together].”

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Like every other “Glee” guest star, singing was a big part of Artist’s audition for the show. “We actually had to bring in five songs initially, with sheet music and the whole nine yards. Singing was a big part of the audition,” he says.

Artist is a big fan of many genres, but he says he’d love to sing a song by The Fray on “Glee” at some point. “I sang ‘Never Say Never’ by The Fray for my audition, and I love that song — it’s such a great song — so I’d love if they could throw that in there somewhere at some point.”

Another thing he’d like to do? Dance. “I was a dancer growing up, so I think the dancing is going to be fun. I know they have so many great dancers like Heather Morris and
Harry Shum, and I think it’s going to be really fun to get to dance.”

Maybe in the second episode of the season, which just so happens to be “Glee’s” second Britney Spears tribute. “If there’s all this dancing again I need to somehow get in on that. I grew up at a competition studio so I did everything. I did that from age five until 17. I like contemporary and hip-hop — I like everything.”

It’s unclear how long Aritst will have to show off his skills. His role is recurring, but he has no idea how many episodes he’ll actually stick around Lima. “Hopefully for a while,” he says. “We’ll see how things go.”

“Glee” returns Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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