harvin meyer virginia Meet Harvin, Meyer and Virginia, the fashionista wild bunch of 'Big Rich Atlanta'“I apologize because I’m a little bit hung over today, and it won’t go away. I sound like a man on the phone right now.”

“I’m glad it’s her and not me this time.”

That’s Harvin and Meyer, two of the stars of “Big Rich Atlanta” on Style. The blonde fashionistas are taking Atlanta by storm — and they seem to be taking advantage of the open bar whenever they can. But their mom, Virginia, says their party-girl reputation isn’t deserved: “I go out more than they do. The trash goes out more than the girls do. They work on the business and I go out and enjoy myself.”

Considering what we see in the first episode of “Big Rich Atlanta,” that means Virginia has a liver of steel — and she’s not someone we’d want to mess with.

Her daughters are finding out how little they want to mess with mom, too. Virginia comes to town to check up on her daughters’ jewelry business — she’s funding the entrepreneurial efforts, but she won’t keep signing checks forever. “Mom was going to force us to go back to 9-to-5 if our entrepreneurial activities didn’t take a turn for the better,” Harvin says. “Little did we know we’d be working harder at this …” Meyer chimes in. “This is the hardest job we’ve ever had,” Harvin agrees.

The sisters “She Blames Me” jewelry line is based on the lessons learned from, shall we say, difficult relationships. One item is inspired by Ashlee, the self-proclaimed “boss bitch” of the show. Meyer gave Ashlee a real grenade at her divorce party — something Ashlee didn’t appreciate. “Let’s just say we’re not exactly besties after that,” Meyer says.

Harvin is a big Ashlee fan: “I adore her. I’ve grown into that love for Ashlee. Ashlee just generally, when it comes to outsiders or people she hasn’t taken into her life, she has no filter.”

“I just have fun with her now,” Meyer says.

“She drove Meyer crazy at first,” Virginia chimes in.

“I thought she was full of sh**,” Meyer says.

“She is full of sh**…” Harvin says. “But she really is probably one of the most loyal friends you can have once you get to that point with Ashlee. She’s just a difficult one. She really is a great friend once she gets to the point where she’s taken you in.” 

As for the Ashlee-inspired jewelry: “It’s a grenade pin vs the actual grenade,” Harvin says. “You’re screwed if you’re left with the grenade, if you’ve got the pin, you’re fine,” Meyer adds.

The two girls bring their own style to everything throughout the show: teetering on sky-high heels, sporting white-blond hair, and dressing to please themselves.

“Meyer and I tend to have a little bit different style than other people, we tend to dress as a version of our alter ego every day,” Harvin says. “It’s not something I’m going to excuses for – if I want to play golf in my high heels, I’m just going to.”

“I don’t ever really dress that much for the occasion,” Meyer says.

“It’s not that we go out of our way to be different…” Harvin continues.

“We just find it fun, it’s what we like to do,” Meyer says.

“It’s like our art, I guess,” Harvin says.

You can check out the fashion art, the business fights and the drunk-and-disorderly fights on “Big Rich Atlanta” on Style. 

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