Richie Sambora brought his adorable Heather Locklear Mini Me, daughter Ava Sambora, to the “New Moon” premiere. The Dish Rag speculated with the rocker about some “Twilight” mysteries and of course we asked about Amanda Woodward’s return to “Melrose Place.”

]]>Sambora had theories about rock stars and vampires, about the appeal of the “Twilight” romance, and Ava admitted that she was Team Jacob. Turns out we’ve both switched from Team Edward. 

Asked about Heather Locklear’s return to “Melrose Place,” Richie Sambora said: “I don’t think Heather’s on yet, so we haven’t watched it yet. Maybe tomorrow.” 

Ava knew Locklear’s return was set for tonight.

Guess Richie hasn’t been keeping up with Zap2it’s Melrose Place: Countdown to Heather Locklear

But it sounds like they’ll TiVo it tonight. 


Posted by:Joseph Anthony Kapsch