sharlina kadijiha brie bha Meet Kahdijiha, Sharlinda and Brie, the battling clan of 'Big Rich Atlanta'“We have very low tolerance for crap.”

That’s Kahdijiha, one of the stars of “Big Rich Atlanta.” And that low tolerance for crap — or “foolishness,” as her aunt Brie tries to rebrand it — is why Kahdijiha, her mom Sharlinda and her aunt Brie are clashing with some of the other cast members. Their main nemesis? Blonde “boss bitch” Ashlee, the self-proclaimed villain of the show.

“I honestly don’t know who she is,” Kahdijiha says. “I think that her perception of who she is is a fantasy, it’s a wish list.”

The two clash early in the first episode when Kahdijiha thinks Ashlee is being rude to the wait staff. “The way I was brought up, I don’t care if I have two bucks or 2 million
bucks — I should be able to be around everybody and respect everyone for who they are as people and have great relationships no matter what class you’re in. “

Brie chimes in: “The things she was saying and things she was doing those things don’t happen anymore, and if they do happen you have to deal with the consequences that come after that. People are not going to allow you to talk to them like that.”

Sharlinda admits that settling in to the show was a challenge: “It was definitely a roller-coaster ride meeting some of cast members. My eyes were like ‘What in the hell going on?’ It was fun, but you have to stay sane when you’re around a lot of loose cannons.”

And how do they stay sane?

“I think it’s also about our personalities,” Kahdijiha says. “We’re really real grounded people, I feel like we can mix in any group and be ok, and fit in and blend in.”

“We do not blend in,” Brie says.

“Well not necessarily fitting in with the crazy, but I will say, regardless of where you put us,  we’re always going to be us,” Kahdijiha says.

And Kahdijiha, Sharlinda and Brie know staying true to themselves means they’ll be clashing with the rest of the cast.

“It is definitely going to be interesting,” Kahdijiha says. “There’s a whole bunch of drama, which is the blessing and the curse of reality TV. You want the drama, because you want the show to sell, but at the end of the day you’re laying on the couch saying ‘What just happened?'”

“With a glass of wine,” Sharlinda adds.

“With a bottle of wine,” Kahdijiha says.

See the Ashlee/Kahdijiha fights — and all the other out-there behavior — when “Big Rich Atlanta” comes to Style. 

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