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V_Morena_Baccarin.S2.jpgThis week, I have a syndicated print profile of the lovely Baccarin, but it’s hard to find a full version of it online. So, not wanting to leave my Cuppers with half-a-cuppa, as it were, here you are …

When ABC’s “V” returns for
its 10-episode second season, Morena Baccarin won’t be playing the only
powerful female aboard the alien vessel.

Starting with the season premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 4, Jane Badler, star of the
original “V” miniseries and series in the 1980s, joins the cast as
Diana (her original character name), the mother of Anna (Baccarin), leader of
the alien “Visitors” who have arrived on Earth with a fleet and a
secret agenda (such as being lizards in human disguise).

“She’s so sweet,” says Baccarin. “When I first saw her coming
out of the cocoon she comes out of … I remember her scaring me so much as a
kid, and here she was, in front of me.

“I saw the scene that everybody saw with the mouse-eating and the
face-peeling stuff.”

As fans of the original “V” remember, the aliens are fond of eating
small animals, such as mice — alive.

“I talked to her recently about that,” says Baccarin. “She’s
pretty sick of the rat-eating jokes.

“I have had to do my homage to that scene. Let’s say, it was not a mouse;
it was a lot bigger than a mouse. We’re talking about a big, white rat, with a
big, long tail and beady little red eyes.

“It was real, and it was scared, and it was trying to crawl up my arm. It
was horrible.”

Since the original Diana was an iconic image in the 1980s “V,” it
gives Baccarin a lot to live up to.

“I know,” she says. “We have great scenes together, Jane and I.
What’s cool about it is, you get to see a different side of Anna. It’s just
like any other mother/daughter relationship. Mothers know how to push your
buttons, no matter what you are, if you’re a lizard or a human.”


Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, on
June 2, making her a Gemini; she was raised in New York from the age of 7.

School cred: Graduated from the Fiorello
H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts in New York;
studied theater at the Juilliard School

Movie cred: “Perfume” (2001), “Way
Off Broadway” (2001), “Roger Dodger”  (2002),
“Serenity” (2005), “Death in Love” (2008), “Stolen” (2009)


Favorite Book: “Probably ‘The Great Gatsby’;
that’s my favorite book of all time. I love the story, and I love the way it’s written.
I absolutely adore F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing. I think that it has one of
the most beautiful last lines of any book; it’s something like, ‘So we beat on,
boats against the
current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Favorite Movie:
“God, how long do you have?  I really love Meryl Streep, so, for me, ‘The
Bridges of Madison County’ is a flawed movie, but I love it, because of her and
Clint Eastwood. ‘The Piano’ was an amazing film. I loved the old movie ‘Double
Indemnity’ and (the musical) ‘Moulin Rouge.’ I love ‘The Labyrinth,’ which is more
fantasy than science fiction, and ‘The Neverending Story,’ of course.”


Favorite Music: “I have rather eclectic
tastes. I like different things. David Bowie is probably an all-time favorite
artist. But right now,  I’m a little
obsessed with that Cee Lo Green song, it’s called ‘F— You.’ It’s a really good

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