mark zuckerberg marries priscilla chan facebook Meet Priscilla Chan: Mark Zuckerberg's wife isn't just arm candyDays after the $16 billion Facebook IPO, infamous founder Mark Zuckerberg wed his longtime love Priscilla Chan, officially updating his Facebook status to “Married” — of course. Unlike Zuck, Chan has never been much of a public figure. In fact, Aaron Sorkin left her entirely out of his now iconic film “The Social Network.”

In the movie, the Zuckerberg character created Facebook after being dumped by a date, played by Rooney Mara, who he remained hung up on throughout the rise of the website (and the demise of some key friendships). In real life, however, Zuckerberg and Chan were dating before Facebook was created. She’s even mentioned, briefly, in the school newspaper article that announced his intention to drop out.

Forbes calls Chan a “new brand of billionaire’s bride” because she’s neither arm candy nor a “kept woman.” In fact, the couple planned their wedding around her graduation from UCSF School of Medicine. She graduated from Harvard in ’07, and spent two years as a science teacher before entering med school.

Though she’s not involved with Facebook, she has suggested some new features, like the highly publicized organ donor feature that Zuckerberg says was also inspired by Steve Jobs’ illness.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie