sunny barack obama puppy twitter Meet Sunny, Barack Obama's new White House puppy

There’s a new dog living in the White House. President Barack Obama‘s Twitter account announced Monday (Aug. 19) that Sunny, a new puppy, had joined the Obama family.

Thus, Sunny Obama was introduced to the world!

The first anyone outside of the Presidential inner circle heard of Sunny was via the tweet sent to Obama’s over 35 million followers. This announcement was simple and to the point:

“Welcome to the family, Sunny.”

Accompanying the tweet was a photo of a young, black Portuguese water dog. No other information about the puppy — its age, sex, origins, political affiliations, etc. — was given. That will certainly come out over the next few weeks as the public clamors to know more about the latest addition to the Obama world.

Sunny joins Bo Obama in the role of First Dog. Like Sunny, Bo is a Portuguese water dog — the family chose the breed to avoid Malia Obama‘s allergies. Born in Oct. 2008, Bo was the puppy Obama promised to his young daughters when giving his Presidential-election victory speech.

The motivation for acquiring Sunny has not been made clear. Other than severe cuteness, of course.

Posted by:Laurel Brown