the glass house logo Meet 'The Glass House' contestants: Average age 32 skews a little older than 'Big Brother'“The Glass House” is ABC’s latest summer TV offering, putting contestants into a completely wired, very see-through house as they compete against each other and are directed by the fans at home to win $250,000.

The 14 contestants are:

Alex, bail bondsman, 25, Dallas, TX
Andrea, bookkeeper, age 31, Valencia, CA
Apollo, poet/author, age 28, Phoenix, AZ
Ashley, paralegal, age 30, New Orleans, LA
Erica, cocktail waitress, age 27, Denver, CO
Gene, stuntman, age 28, Chicago, IL
Jacob, cook, age 28, Coos Bay, OR
Jeffrey, receptionist, age 35, Brooklyn, NY
Joy, nurse, age 27, Fredericksburg, VA
Kevin, police sergeant, age 33, Toledo, OH
Melissa, freelance journalist, age 31, Chicago, IL
Mike, bar mitzvah DJ, age 48, Pembroke, MA
Robin, blogger, age 43, Washington, DC
Stephanie, scientist, age 32, Boston, MA

We’re quite impressed that the average age of the contestants is nearly 32 years old. It feels like “Big Brother” casts are typically a lot of 20-somethings with two “oldies” thrown in. Are you excited to see how this one stacks up, reality fans? “The Glass House” premieres Monday, June 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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