lying game alexandra chando Meet 'The Lying Game' star Alexandra Chando: Double the trouble on ABC FamilyABC Family struck gold with “Pretty Little Liars,” and they’re sticking with what works — on Monday, August 15, the network debuts “The Lying Game,” another show about teenage girls who get caught in their own web of lies, also from “Pretty Little Liars” author Sara Shepard.

The series stars Alexandra Chando as Emily, a girl who grew up in the foster care system… and as Sutton, Emma’s long-lost twin sister who was adopted by a wealthy family and grew up in a world of privilege. Yes, Chando joins stars like Nina Dobrev, Anna Torv, and Sarah Michelle Gellar as she takes on two roles in one series.

“The Lying Game” shares some common themes with Gellar’s upcoming CW show “The Ringer,” but certainly doesn’t feel like the same show. Like in “Ringer,” the twins pull a switcheroo — Emma takes Sutton’s place in the lap of luxury while Sutton skips town on a search for their birth mom — but the similarities end there. While infused with mystery, the tone of “The Lying Game” is much lighter. There’s a comedic element that isn’t present in “Ringer,” as well as knock-kneed teenage romance that would be out of place in the very adult world that “Ringer” inhabits.

Twenty-five year old Chando is best known for her work as Maddie on daytime soap “As The World Turns.” She was on the series from July 2005-October 2007, and she returned in Sept 2009 for a five-month run. She’s also recognizable for fans of “Rockville, CA,” a web series helmed by “Chuck” and “Gossip Girl” boss Josh Schwartz. If, like us, you’re totally addicted to MTV’s “True Life,” you may remember her from “True Life: I’m Getting My Big Break,” where she fretted over her big kissing scene with our “Vampire Diaries” fave, Zach Roerig.

That “True Life” episode aired in 2005, but Chando’s real big break is likely happening right now, as “The Lying Game” seems poised to be ABC Family’s next big success. The show charms  with the same kind of high school soap escapism that has kept us tuning into “Pretty Little Liars” and “Switched at Birth” on ABC Family.

I can relate to both of the characters,” Chando told reporters at a recent round table. “Obviously,
with Emma, I consider myself a kind person, thoughtful, and I try not
to take things for granted. I mean I grew up in a wonderful family, a
wonderful household, which is great, but with Sutton, I think, I relate
to the way she handles things emotionally. She’s less emotional. She
kind of compartmentalizes things and I kind of find myself doing that
often, especially in this industry and where life has kind of taken me.
There is a little bit of both of me in each.”

Learn more about Chando in the “True Life” episode below, and make sure to tune into ABC Family on Monday night at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family for the premiere of “The Lying Game.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie