jeffprobst survivortocantins 290 Meet the 'Survivor: Samoa' castawaysCBS has unveiled the cast of “Survivor: Samoa,” and at 20 people it’s as big a group as has ever started the show.

The group includes a personal chef, a guy who calls himself a “mixologist” instead of a bartender, an actual rocket scientist, an urban planner and a police officer. Ten of the 20 people are in their 20s, with the rest of the cast ranging up to age 62 (that would be chef Mike Borassi of Marina del Rey, Calif.).

CBS is also promising that one of the castaways could become “the biggest ‘Survivor’ villain ever” — which is a pretty high bar to climb considering the rogues’ gallery that has come and gone through the show in previous seasons.

So which one of this group will be “the devil incarnate,” as castaway Marisa Calihan puts it in the promo linked above? We find out Thursday, Sept. 17, but you can get your first taste of the players’ personalities with this video, in which the cast members describe themselves and size up the competition.

See all of the “Survivor: Samoa” contestants

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Posted by:Rick Porter