leroy bell x factor fox Meet 'The X Factor' finalist: LeRoy BellAs “The X Factor”
voting is now in the hands of the viewers, it seems an appropriate
time to give fans insight into the finalists. Zap2it will continue to
highlight the remaining acts while finding out more about their
background, musical styles and experiences on the singing competition.

So here are a few things you probably didn’t know about LeRoy Bell:

Age: 60
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Coach: Nicole Scherzinger

Musical influences: The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Sarah McLachlan, U2

Favorite album
: “Mirrorball” – Sarah McLachlan

On his musical past: “I’ve had a band for about 10 years that I’ve been working with, and we’ve gotten a lot of pretty good gigs and risen to opening up for a lot of pretty big people, but we never quite passed the opening slot.”

On what his band mates thought when he said he trying out: “They were all behind it…They’ve been totally supportive the whole way.”

On the biggest challenge of the competition: “You have to be flexible. You have to learn new things, new skills, skills that I didn’t really think about like being on stage by yourself with a mic and delivering that in front of a viewing public of 12 million people. I mean what prepares you for that?”

On his lip sync controversy: “I felt really bad because I felt like I let some people down…I feel ok about it now, it’s not that big a deal. It was weird at first because all of a sudden I was the focal point.”

On a certain “X Factor” surprise: “One misconception I had was I thought I was going to be able to sing my own songs. So I really goofed up. So I thought, ‘This is cool, there’s no age limit and I can sing my own songs. This is a perfect storm.’ Of course when I got into it I realized I can’t sing my own songs, so that was a hard thing because I was just planning on bringing my guitar and singing my own songs.”

If he could perform any song on “The X Factor”
: “The Best of You” – Foo Fighters

Posted by:David Eckstein