megan fox vanity fair comedy issue Megan Fox covers Vanity Fair's comedy issue   Say what?Vanity Fair is set to debut its first ever “Special All-Star Comedy Issue” for January 2013. The key word here is “comedy,” or so it seems, so why on earth is Megan Fox on the cover?

The issue hits newsstands Dec. 11 and features three alternate covers, highlighting hilarious and successful comedians and comedic actors — and Megan Fox.

Judd Apatow curated the issue, and has this to say about the funny people featured inside its pages: “I have always loved comedy, and this portfolio and issue, filled with men and women I admire, are my attempt to show you what it means to me. Some of them have shaped my sensibility; others just make me laugh.”

The comedy cover subjects are as follows:
Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Kristen Wiig, and Ben Stiller. Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph. Leslie Mann, Melissa McCarthy, Paul Rudd, and Megan Fox. It brings to mind a familiar tune: “One of these things is not like the others … Three of these kids are kind of the same.”

(Editor’s note: While a colleague mentioned that Megan “was hilarious in
‘Transformers,'” we’re fairly certain the comedy issue is meant for
people who are intentionally amusing.)

Look, Apatow is the issue’s guest editor, so he gets a version of the cover devoted entirely to “This Is 40.” Done deal. We get it. But why not put Jason Segel on the cover — you know, an actual comedic actor, who is actually funny in the film?

If Megan is one of the randoms who make Judd laugh, why not give her a blurb inside the magazine, with the likes of Martin Short, Conan O’Brien, and Zach Galifianakis — you know, comedians? — who didn’t make the comedy issue cover.

Judging from the “This Is 40” clips that have been publicized to date, Megan’s funniest line may be, “I’m having as much fun as you can have — with boobs.”

Oh, wait … it’s all coming together now.

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