Megan-Fox-clones.jpgYou want to encourage young Brazilian men to learn to speak English? Show them a whole pile of Megan Fox clones in bikinis. In this new commercial from South America, a couple of young boys wash up on a deserted island with multiple versions of the “Transformers” star. “Welcome to Megan Fox Island,” she tells them.

Watch the video to see Megan Fox pouring water into Megan Fox’s mouth while other Megan Fox clones do foxy things. The boys can barely blink. They also can’t speak English, which makes Megan Fox clones angry. The tie them up and send them to Mike Tyson Island, which is, not surprisingly, a less friendly place.

We’ve seen some bad foreign commercials starring celebrities, but this one is actually pretty funny. It’s nice to know that poor Megan is still getting work somewhere. We certainly can’t think of a better reason to learn to speak English. Let us know what you think.

Posted by:jbusch