Poor Megan Fox's star is rising so fast in Hollywood that sometimes it's really hard for her to have a normal life and not do things like stick a finger slowly and seductively in her mouth during a press conference.

And "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" is about to make her an even bigger target for the sex-lebrity obsessed media.


So how can we help?


She tells Entertainment Tonight that sometimes people don't want to hang out with her because they don't want to end up on the Internet. And sometimes she just stays home and has someone else go do her grocery shopping.

Any volunteers?

She adds that she's always very mindful of how her behavior can influence public perceptions.

"You can be sexy and be intelligent and be taken seriously, or you can be sexy and you can be out at clubs every night and not be [taken seriously]."

Memo to Miss Lindsay Lohan?

After dressing like a pure sex object in "Transformers," what's next for this supreme hottie?

"Maybe, you know, something that's more of a character piece that doesn't involve a leather motorcycle outfit."

Not if there's a God in heaven …

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