meganfox saturdaynightlive 290 Megan Fox on 'SNL': Not bad, but not especially good“Saturday Night Live” kicked off its 2009-10 season with Megan Fox, U2 — and an episode that didn’t rank especially high on the laughs-per-minute scale.

Fox herself wasn’t really the issue. The regular cast members handled most of the comedy work in the sketches she did, although she showed a willingness to look goofy in the Grady Wilson sketch and “Russian Brides.”

The problem lay, as it usually does when “SNL” isn’t clicking, with the writing. Sketches tended to meander (a la the bickering flight attendants featuring Fox and Kristen Wiig) or rely on one joke that gets beaten over and over (“Russian Brides”).

On the upside, Seth Meyers did a pretty good job with “Weekend Update,” and for my money the funniest sketch in the show was the digital short “Megan’s Roommate,” which featured a very, very brief cameo from boyfriend Brian Austin Green. Here it is:

The most memorable moment is surely going to be new cast member Jenny Slate mistakenly saying “f**k” during a sketch late in the show. Otherwise, though, the season premiere ranks in the vast middle of “Saturday Night Live” episodes — there were no real disasters, but there also wasn’t anything that’s destined for the best-of collection.

What did you think of the season premiere and Megan Fox’s turn as host?

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‘Saturday Night Live’: Did Jenny Slate drop the f-bomb?

Posted by:Rick Porter