"Transformers" director Michael Bay is not pleased with Megan Fox, that ungrateful little buxom witch.

Apparently, Miss Megan has been mouthing off (like to Entertainment Weekly!) about how "Transformers" is just a lot of action and there's not much opportunity for any real acting.

She told EW for its cover story: "Unless you’re a seasoned veteran, working with Michael Bay is not

about an acting experience." She then added that the movie "did give me a career and open all these doors for

me. But I don’t want to blow smoke … . People are well

aware that this is not a movie about acting."

Which is really something coming from a girl who has done only three movies and in one of her next ones she plays a cheerleader who eats high school boys and drinks their blood.


Here's what Bay told the WSJ about Megan's mouth:

"Well, that’s Megan Fox for you. She says some very ridiculous things

because she’s 23 years old and she still has a lot of growing to do.

You roll your eyes when you see statements like that and think, “OK Megan, you can do whatever you want. I got it. But I 100% disagree

with her. Nick Cage wasn’t a big actor when I cast him, nor was Ben

Affleck before I put him in 'Armageddon.' Shia LaBeouf wasn’t a big

movie star before he did 'Transformers' — and then he exploded. Not to

mention Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from 'Bad Boys.' Nobody in the

world knew about Megan Fox until I found her and put her in 'Transformers.' I like to think that I’ve had some luck in building

actors’ careers with my films."

This is not the first time they got into a verbal tussle. Click on to watch the fur fly at a recent press conference when Megan confesses that she was forced to work 16 hours a day instead of 12!!

Photo: Michael Bay knows he's not worthy, bows down to Megan Fox. Or is he just trying to look up her skirt? WireImage


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