tvfash417 Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) from 'Body of Proof'
All too often we see doctors wearing only scrubs, and though no one wants to do surgery in Armani, physicians do wear other clothes.
Dr. Megan Hunt of ABC’s “Body of Proof” is a seriously stylish woman, as is the woman who plays her, Dana Delany.
Wearing orange high-heeled pumps that only a dedicated fashionista would even consider, and a perfectly cut floral sheath dress, Delany explains how she researched her character, a neurosurgeon-turned-medical examiner.
There weren’t a lot of female neurosurgeons for her to talk with, and Delany had initial concerns that her character could be a tad too fashionable.
Then she had dinner with a neurosurgeon in Sacramento.
“She walked into the restaurant wearing the very same dress (Dr. Hunt wears),” Delany says, which is a gray dress from Theory.
“Because she was a neurosurgeon and earned about $3 million (a year), she dresses very well,” Delany says. “So we decided she likes her clothes, and whatever trepidation I had about her being too fashionable went out the window.”
“I think that she is fashion forward, but I wouldn’t say she is trendy or any of that,” says Roberta Haze, costume designer. “Because she was a surgeon, it’s how I justify putting her in Dolce & Gabbana. And she was married to a lawyer. She has beautiful clothes and is sexy.”
Though the show is set in Philadelphia and shot in Rhode Island, Haze shopped for the character in Los Angeles at Neiman Marcus, Decades, Paul Smith and Fred Segal.
Prada and Dolce also send clothes monthly; Haze and Delany pick what they want and return the rest. Haze also shopped in New York at Gucci and at Bergdorf’s.
Hunt’s dresses, skirts and blouses came from these stores. Coats are Burberry, purses are Prada, and all of the jewelry is all from Cathy Waterman.
Given all these high-end brands, should someone want to dress precisely like Dr. Megan Hunt, she is going to need a lot of money.
“No, it’s not easy (to get the look),” Haze says. “You have to have the money. We repeated pantsuits and skirts. We acted like it was a closet.”
Haze’s best advice for those want this look but don’t have a studio budget?
“Instead of buying three of something, buy one,” she says. “There are great places where they have reasonable facsimiles. People go and buy 20 outfits at $100. My suggestion is save up and buy a Prada dress that you can wear with a jacket and wear with anything.
“The most important part of her look,” Haze continues, “is (to be) tailored and appropriate – even if we pushed the envelope a little.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler