Let’s be honest — if you decided to take lessons on being cool and awesome from someone, Megan Mullally seems like a pretty safe choice.

That’s probably why the premise of this new Funny or Die video, “Home for Actresses,” works so well. Mullally plays Peggy Dvorak, an eccentric, grey-haired lady who takes innocent young actresses like Lizzy Caplan, Casey Wilson, Lake Bell, Michaela Watkins and Aubrey Plaza, under her wing and shows them why they should toss their “Sex and the City” boxed sets and trade them for NPR.
What else is cool? Well, smoking isn’t, but quitting smoking totally is. Ke$ha isn’t, but atoning for humming Ke$ha in the shower by learning four Nina Simone songs totally is. And some people, like nice girl Ellie Kemper, just don’t have enough edge to be cool, ever. 
What else can young actresses do to become cooler? Check out the latest Funny or Die masterpiece and find out for yourself.
Posted by:Jean Bentley