megyn kelly howard stern FOX News' Megyn Kelly kills Glenn Beck on Howard Stern's showHoward Stern swapped out his standard SI swimsuit pinup model guests
for FOX News’ co-anchor of “America Live,” Megyn Kelly, on his Tuesday
(April 20) show.

Of course Kelly, part of the FOX News brigade of blonde bombshells, isn’t too hard on the eyes. And Stern didn’t seem all that interested in testing her brain power.

]]>Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly as her choices. She went with having relations with O’Reilly (ick!), marrying Hannity and killing Beck (and with that, James Cameron just became a Kelly fan).

They joked that they were sure FOX News would have an “ALERT” that Megyn Kelly wants to kill Glenn Beck and a** r*** Benji.

Tuesday at 11am ET, Kelly joins the ladies of “The View” on ABC.

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Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly: Mano a mano Photo credit: FOX News (Megyn Kelly), Getty Images (Howard Stern)

Posted by:Christine Law