oksana mel gibson yelling Mel Gibson, Oksana Grigorieva agree to $750K settlement

Turns out “The Beaver” isn’t the only thing in Mel Gibson’s life that took a big financial hit.  

TMZ reports that on Wednesday (Aug. 31) Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva, agreed in court to a $750,000 settlement. The sum is a far cry from the $15 million that was on the table in 2010; sources told TMZ that initially, Oksana was advised to hold out for even more.  

Oksana’s power-play failed on the child custody front as well; the new agreement gives full 50/50 custody to Gibson and Grigorieva; the old settlement forced Gibson to wait until child Lucia was 3-years-old to receive 50/50 custody.

And don’t hold out for the inevitable tell-all book. The settlement has a clause that prohibits either party from writing about the other or employing a ghostwriter to do so. But be patient, gossip fans — one way or another, these things find a way out into the open.  

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