mel gibson gun2 Mel Gibson ordered to surrender his guns. All of them.Here’s the first good news in the Mel Gibson/Oksana Gregorieva mess: Mel has been ordered to surrender ALL the firearms he owns.
The court order — reports Radaronline — was part of Thursday’s (July 15) closed-door hearings in the ongoing he-screams/she-says battle between Mel and his ex-girlfriend Oksana. But TMZ reports that the gun surrender  reporting is wrong and it was actually part of the restraining order requirements and was already dealt with last week.

The Dish Rag is starting to suspect that Radaronline is Team Oksana and TMZ is Team Mel. Anyway, just glad the guns are gone.

For her part, Oksana was ordered to turn over her iPhone, which is believed to contain evidence that is crucial to the case. She recorded Mel’s violent threatening rants — that you may have listened to online — with a pretty nifty app. Crazy rich boyfriend threatening your life? We’ve got an app for that!
]]>Scott Gordon made the ruling and Mel will be required to submit a declaration with the court within 24 hours of Thursday’s hearing proving that he has done so,” Radaronline’s source says.
Mel’s camp has accused Oksana of trying to extort the Oscar-winning star  for $10 million dollars. Oksana’s camp says she wants to keep their eight-month-old daughter Lucia away from him because she fears for her daughter’s life. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits: Getty Images

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead