No, "Beaver" is not a porn movie. It's a black comedy Jodie Foster is directing.

According to Variety, Mel Gibson will star as a crazy, depressed man who wears a beaver puppet on his hand and thinks it’s a real beaver.

Foster also will star as Gibson’s wife.

The two last appeared together in the dreadful 1994 cowboy comedy "Maverick."

Oh, dear.

Steve Carell and Jim Carrey were reportedly thinking about “Beaver,” which was named the top script in last year's Blacklist, a list compiled by Hollywood agents, executives and producers.

"Beaver" will be Foster's first directorial venture since 1995's "Home for the Holidays." She also directed "Little Man Tate" in 1991.

Wonder if there's a small role in there for Mel's new love, Oksana Gregorieva.

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Photo: Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster at the 1994 Golden Globes. Credit: WireImage

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead