mel gibson dad divorced hutton gibson Mel Gibson's dad divorced: Hutton Gibson free from Teddy Joye Hicks after elder abuse claimsMel Gibson‘s dad, Hutton Gibson, divorced wife Teddy Joye Hicks after a seven-month separation. The couple was married for 10 years, before Hutton filed for divorce amid claims of elder abuse by Teddy Joye.

TMZ reports Hutton walks away from the marriage with a paltry $23,000, and half of the former couple’s community property, which is worth $22,000. Teddy Joye, on the other hand, has $640,000 in liquid assets and will hold on to a Lincoln Town Car.

There is no love lost between Hutton’s son and now former wife. Mel was reportedly the ring leader of the campaign to release Hutton from Teddy Joye’s care, as she allegedly wanted to cease all of the ailing man’s medications. For her part, Teddy Joye claims Mel sabotaged her marriage, and literally spit in her face.

Sounds like the Gibson family reunions will be a little more peaceful now that the divorce is done.

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