Mel Gibson's Russian singer/baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, is suing a man she claims sold sexy lingerie photos of her. 

Seriously. So let any others get in line.

]]>According to RadarOnline.com, the suit calls Oksana "an internationally renowned model, pianist and musical composer and performer."

The suit says that Samuel Oriti met Oksana in 2004 and that he was trying to negotiate a deal for her with a prominent lingerie company.

So she posed in lingerie for photos. Oksana claims that she paid for the shoot and that Oriti vowed not to distribute the photos elsewhere.

But when she became famous overnight for being the preggers girlfriend of one of Hollywood's most outspoken and controversial talents, the lingerie photos were bought and published on several websites, including RadarOnline.com.

What, so now that Oksana is in the A-List Hollywood Girlfriends Club, she doesn’t want anyone to see her in her skivvies? Hypocrite much?

According to RadarOnline, Oksana’s suit does not claim that there is any written agreement between Oriti and Oksana, nor does it provide proof for her claim that she paid for the photo session.

What do you think? 

Who wants to see photos of Oksana in her undies? 

About as many folks who want to hear her sing? 

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead