the beaver mel gibson Mel Gibson's movie 'The Beaver' will be released after allHow’s late March sound as the official start date for Mel Gibson‘s career/image rehab?

Summit Entertainment is hoping that will be enough time for you to put aside the stomach-churning nastiness unpleasantness surrounding Gibson’s personal life and be ready to laugh again with the star of “What Women Want.” Summit has set a March 23 release date for “The Beaver,” Gibson’s oddball dramedy about a guy who communicates via a hand puppet.

]]>Jodie Foster and written by Kyle Killen (“Lone Star”), will open in limited release then and expand to more markets on April 8. “The Beaver” stars Gibson as a man whose depression has cost him his family and his professional standing; he has a bit of a breakthrough when he starts communicating through a hand puppet that looks like a beaver (and sounds kind of like Michael Caine). The movie has been in limbo for several months, since Gibson’s voice-mail threats to Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, were made public.

Posted by:Rick Porter