mel gibson aug 2011 gi Mel Gibson's stepmom files for restraining orderMore drama for Mel Gibson. Now his stepmother, 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks Gibson, has filed for a restraining order against Gibson, saying the actor has threatened her, spit in her face and attempted to sabotage her marriage.

Teddy Joye married Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, in 2001. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Gibson has been aggressive towards her since she voiced objections to some medical treatments that the actor and his sister have their father undergoing.

On one occasion when she opposed a procedure, Teddy Joye says, “Mel began yelling and saying, ‘f*** this and f*** that’ while leveling other extremely offensive language at me.”

She also says that in May Gibson began screaming right in her face.

“He was so close that I could feel his spit hitting my face,” she claims.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson