melissa etheridge tammy lynn Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels split: Did Michaels burn their child with a cigarette?While it’s not quite as ugly as the Pilar and Deion Sanders divorce, the Melissa Etheridge split from her former partner, Tammy Lynn Michaels, isn’t looking pretty either.

The “Come to my Window” singer is accusing Michaels of accidentally burning one of their children with a cigarette. As a result, TMZ is saying that according to court documents, Etheridge wants Michaels to not smoke around their twins.

The publication is also reporting that Michaels has said Etheridge has no parenting instinct. As a result the two are battling tooth-and-nail over 50-50 joint custody.

The documents also state that Etheridge calls Michaels “angry and vindictive.” Etheridge cites as an example the time Michaels tells her, “You have to support so many households because you broke so many households…If you had decided to have one ounce of integrity/honesty as a person or partner, you would not be in this predicament.”

This is just the latest item in the challenging split of the former couple. On Monday (April 9), it was revealed that Michaels is seeking a sizable bump from the $23,000 per month she’s currently getting in child support. In addition to that, Michaels also wants Etheridge to pay her $120,000 legal bill.

Posted by:David Eckstein