Melissa-Gilbert-Maksim-Chmerkovskiy-Dancing-With-the-Stars.jpgMelissa Gilbert reportedly hit her head during Monday’s (April 9) “Dancing With the Stars” week three episode. She was rushed to the hospital right after the show and we asked her fellow dancers what happened.

Karina Smirnoff says, “I just asked to see if she was okay. They don’t know. She hit
her head in the middle of the dance. And she felt really dizzy. In fact,
Gavin (Degraw) took her to the red room. She was too weak to walk. The show
continued, but I think she was taken by ambulance.”  Degraw says, “Yeah, my arms were really tired by the end of the dance. We weren’t
married, but it was if I carried her through the threshold. Our
honeymoon suite, which is normally a short walk, but this was about a
hundred yards down the steps. I felt like my arms were jello.”

Kym Johnson was surprised to hear it. “She hit her head in the
dance?  Oh no! Well that’s a
horrible thing.  Hopefully she is okay, she says. “Wow, that’s really scary.” Her partner Jaleel White says, “Health first.”

Sherri Shepherd
says, “She hit her head. We didn’t see it but she felt a little
bit dizzy so they wanted to check her out.” Her partner Val Chmerkovskiy jokes, “That’s what you get for killing my brother,” referring to an earlier joke between Gilbert and Val’s brother Maks. “Well she did kill Maks,” Shepherd says.

Gilbert tweeted from the hospital, saying, “I’m alright. Mild concussion and whiplash. Very soon I will be safely home resting and being taken care of.” She later tweeted, “ you are my champion. I adore you.
bless your heart for carrying me down those stairs!”

ABC has no official statement, but we wish Melissa the best.

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