Melissa-Gilbert-Dancing-With-the-Stars-Maksim-Chmerkovskiy.jpgMelissa Gilbert was injured during her week three dance on “Dancing With the Stars.” She got a concussion and whiplash after hitting her head on partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy‘s knee. She didn’t show up for the “DWTS” results show, but we got to speak to Maks on the press line about how she’s doing and whether or not she’ll comb back.

“She’s in pain,” he says of his partner’s state. “She’s got a big headache. I was a bit confused about the injury yesterday because she said that she hit the floor and I was like ‘I was looking at you the entire time’, and I was trying to carry her, you know, through some of the moments, and being kind of careful and gentle with her. She hit my knee. I honestly didn’t feel it. I thought I slipped on her dress.”

So, are they coming back? Maks starts by saying, “Well it’s not up to me. It’s up to her. I think doctor said that she had a minor concussion. I know that’s very not pleasant. I wish she could take a couple days off. And honestly, at this point, with Sherri (Shepherd) getting eliminated I’m not really sure if it’s worth killing yourself and, you know, trying to put on a show when it is what it is. Look, you know, I think the only aspect is on our side is our fans, and I’m beyond grateful.”

He gives us the final word — sort of. “I think we are coming back. I’m pretty sure, you know, I haven’t heard talks about not coming back. But then again, she’ll wake up tomorrow, and she continues to have a headache, I won’t let her in the studio.”

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