melissa gorga rhonj Melissa Gorga: 'Real Housewives of NJ' star denies she was a stripper“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga would like you to know that she has never worked as a stripper.

Her declaration was prompted by reports earlier this week from filming of the Bravo show’s upcoming season. According to the Huffington Post, a former boss of Gorga’s — the manager of a strip club — confronts her at an event while cameras were rolling, and Gorga refused to talk to him.

The text of the story only says that she “used to work at” the club, but the headline — “Melissa Gorga’s stripper past exposed” — is what created the kerfuffle.

In a post on her own blog titled “The Truth!,” Gorga denies she was ever a dancer.

“There is one thing that I would like to clarify … the accusation that I was once a dancer at a strip club,” she writes. “This is 100% NOT TRUE. I did bartend for a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there. You will have a better chance at seeing some nudity on the episode this Sunday.”

She continues: “Someone desperately wants to knock me down and prove that I have something to hide, but then tries to cover it up by putting the blame on production. I have been happily married to my husband for 7 years and we have 3 beautiful children. Even if I had been a dancer, I do not know why anyone would care 10 years later.”

OK then. You may now resume your weekends, free of worry over this topic.

Posted by:Rick Porter