melissa nelson too irresistible supreme court rules Melissa Nelson: Supreme Court rules OK for boss to fire woman he's attracted toIn the “WTF” news of the week, the Iowa State Supreme Court upheld a ruling that dental assistant Melissa Nelson could be legally terminated because her boss found her irresistible.

James Knight, the dentist Nelson had worked alongside for a decade, concedes he made comments to Melissa indicating she would notice a bulge in his pants if her clothing became too revealing. He also sent her a text message asking how often she experiences orgasm.

Yet, Nelson is the one who got fired. What? 

According to a report by ABC News, Dr. Knight’s wife became aware of the offending text message and ordered her husband to fire Nelson. After consulting with his pastor, Knight determined Nelson’s termination would be best for his marriage. Nelson’s husband even fought for her to stay on, but Dr. Knight professed he “feared he would have an affair with [Nelson] down the road if he did not fire her.”

Since he is a dentist, and not a medical doctor, maybe he somehow never learned it requires two people to have an affair? Biology 101, right?

Nelson says she is “devastated” by the Supreme Court’s ruling that Knight was within his legal rights to fire her, and she was shocked by the reasoning behind the termination. “I was very surprised after working so many years side by side, I didn’t have any idea that that would have crossed [Knight’s] mind,” says Melissa.

With regard to the ruling, Nelson says “I think it is sending a message that men can do whatever they want in the work force.”

Shouldn’t Dr. Knight have manned up and taken responsibility for his own behavior? Paging Gloria Allred

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