Lauraleighton Is Sydney dead again? Is the "Melrose" spin off murdering her within the first few minutes of its pilot episode?

Well, I happen to have the highly-classified script in my hot little hands and will be answering every "Melrose"-related question that's come my way today. Ew, stop drooling…

Hey Korbi, Need your help confirming this is NOT true: There is a rumor that Sydney is dead in the pool in the Melrose opening. Please tell me they are not doing something this stupid. Um, she's the main reason we want to watch it! -Scott

Yes, sadly — as reported on Friday — this seems to be the case. I had the great fortune of receiving and reading the script, which has been shrouded in secrecy, a few weeks back and when I reached the last line and there had been no mention of my girl Sydney, I had the startling realization that the chick they'd been calling by another name throughout the 50 plus pages was really the red-headed baby sister of Ms. Jane Mancini. And the realization was startling because, yes, this character is found face down dead in the pool just as Act 1 ends.

Korbi, You have to explain this rumor that Sydney is killed at the very beginning of the new "Melrose Place"! How is that possible? She's not going to be on the new series? She's not going to even be in the first episode that much? I'm confused. -Kate
Sydney — who's probably just called by another name in the script I have because it was written before Laura Leighton signed on… though I suppose it's possible that Syd's trying to conceal her identity — appears throughout the episode in flashbacks both before and after her death and word is that she will continue to. Her murder is apparently the season-long mystery which must be solved.

Shaunsipos Who is the blonde kid that Sydney is getting sexy with in the "Melrose Place" pictures you posted? -Jenna
That would be David (Shaun Sipos) , the 21-year-old rich dude whom we see with Syd pre-pool scene. Definite suspect, but one that's way too obvious. Plus, he seems to care about her quite a bit. In the script, he's busy banging some hot blonde in a public bathroom when he gets an urgent text from her, pulls his pants up and rushes to her side. And that night, she tells him she's done something terrible. She says that she didn't mean to hurt anyone, but she was "trapped" …And hours later, she's dunzo.

By the way, David's last name is "Patterson" in the script I have, linking him to Jake Hansen (Grant Show), but they're now giving the character a new last name. David's jerk of a father is in the pilot and he ain't Jake.

Korbi, Does Ryan Matthews from "90210" make the cross over to "Melrose Place"? It looks like he lives in a building with a courtyard pool! -Sara
Ryan doesn't appear in the pilot script that I read, but I do believe CW Pres Dawn Ostroff said they are contemplating crossovers. Maybe he killed Sydney!

Ashleesimpson Is it me or does Ashlee Simpson look like a completely different person in the pictures for the new "Melrose Place"]? -Karina
Yeah, I think it's the red hair she's rocking that's making her somewhat unrecognizable. And that red hair is no coincidence. Her character has got those colored locks for a reason…


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