katie cassidy melrose 320 'Melrose Place': All about the clothes    and taking them offWhatever else you may say about the 2009-10 version of “Melrose Place,” you cannot say that the cast is hard on the eyes.

So what we get in this pair of promos for the show’s return on March 9 is a lot of images of beautiful people in pretty clothes — or out of pretty clothes, as the case may be. The previews are light on plot points — though there are a couple glimpses of a bearded Billy Campbell as Amanda’s (Heather Locklear) boyfriend — but heavy on Ella (Katie Cassidy), Riley (Jessica Lucas) and the rest of the cast dressing up and getting down.

Oh, and Michael (Thomas Calabro) and Jane (Josie Bissett) share the same space without trying to kill one another.

Here’s the first clip, “Fashion,” in which the cast is (mostly) clothed.

The next one is titled “Romance” and features less clothing. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: The CW

Posted by:Rick Porter