colinegglesfield melroseplace 290 'Melrose Place': Auggie's departure gets rollingTonight on “Melrose Place,” the police come for MIA Auggie.

Auggie & Riley
The police show up looking for Auggie because his blood was on the murder weapon. Riley knows where he went but won’t tell and Jonah freaks.

Riley talks to Violet about Auggie and learns about the fight at Coal and Violet sleeping with Auggie. Riley about swallows her tongue.Later, Riley starts IMing him and Auggie says he’s struggling and that he’s ruined his life and he won’t tell her why. She calls the police.

Jonah & Ella
Ella calls Jonah to help her woo a German filmmaker named Franz Kepler. Jonah has to pose as a publicist and wants to talk up Franz, but Franz can’t stop making moves on Ella. To ease the tension, Jonah tells Franz they’re engaged. To sell it, they kiss and snuggle and whatnot. It’s pretty cute, get them together for real!

When Franz leaves, Ella calls him on having a crush on her since the day they met and gets her digs in at Riley. She then invites him to explore his options at a near-by hotel. And by “explore his options,” she means “explore Ella.”

Jonah is outraged, realizes how much he trusts Riley and that she trusts him, tells Ella off and storms away. Ella looks crushed. Jonah gets home and makes up with Riley and later Ella apologizes to him.

David, Lil’ Mancini & Lauren
Lauren’s tired from the all-night ho-ing and is practically asleep on her feet at the hospital. Meanwhile, David takes his half-brother Noah out for an “adventure” and turns his back for a second, so of course Noah falls off a wire stand he shouldn’t have been climbing. David takes him to Lauren at the hospital.

The Mancinis forbid David to see Noah again but Michael does tell Lauren good job. Back at the MP, Michael shows up and chastises David for being reckless but tells David he likes that David wants to spend time with Noah. After Michael leaves, David thanks Lauren for helping with Noah. He also tells her the thieving is over because of what Lauren thinks of him. Then they make out. Woo woo? Lauren then cries a little and tells him she can’t do this. You see, because of the ho-ing.

Violet & Dr. Michael Mancini
Violet blackmails Mancini for a lawyer because she’s got a pending court case for resisting arrest but instead of getting her a lawyer, Mancini knows the judge presiding over the case. So Mancini says he can either tell him good things or bad things about Violet. Violet deletes the video.  Now that Violet’s money source has dried up, she asks Lauren if she can move in with her and Ella. Lauren turns her down.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Oh my god, when does Heather Locklear come back?!?! Get this show some life, stat!

  • I don’t really see the Lauren-David chemistry. Maybe that’s just me.
  • You know, I thought Ashlee was getting better but this week she was back to being awful. I just cannot care about her, Auggie, David or Riley. Keep Ella, Jonah and Lauren and give the rest the big heave-ho.

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