melroseplace katiecassidy 02 290 'Melrose Place': Happy Birthday to EllaTonight on “Melrose Place,” it’s Ella’s birthday and everyone’s super-excited.

Ella & Her Client

Elle’s real alibi for Sydney’s murder is Dante Zeretti, a man she hired to investigate Sydney Andrews because Sydney blackmailed Ella into representing her art gallery. Ella wasn’t over-enthused, plus the gallery just couldn’t sell any art. Zeretti approaches her about that night and she blows him off, so Zeretti tells the cops that Ella hired him to break into Sydney’s place and that Ella got to her before he did and used him as the suspect.

David & Jonah
Jonah is accused of stealing a diamond necklace from a video shoot but it turns out the necklace is at David’s apartment. Unfortunately, David won’t cop to it and Jonah tells him to  be careful not to burn through his trust-fund like the way he burns through the people in his life. Jonah eventually has to apologize because a maid found the jewelry and Jonah vows to make it up to David. Hmmmm. Also, since when are Jonah and David such good friends?

Auggie & Violet

The restaurant turns up $700 short after the night and Violet spills a waitress’s purse in front of Auggie. She’s a recovering drug addict and Violet just framed her for stealing $700. Violet uses the girl’s firing to get herself a bartending job. She’s a sneaky little punk.

Lauren & Riley
Lauren blows Riley off because has now hooked up with Madam Mattison (awesome Kelly Carlson) and can’t skip out on her Johns until they’re done. Yeah, being a ho is hard. It turns out Riley was asking Lauren to be her maid of honor. Awwww.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • I like Ashlee Simpson as a crazy girl, that’s fun.
  • Katie Cassidy continues to be awesome as Ella Simms. I hope this show can stick around for Heather Locklear’s reappearance because those two should be fun.
  • However, as a whole… didn’t love this episode. Boring.
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