melrose place guys pool 320x180 'Melrose Place': Relationship rouletteOn “Melrose Place,” relationships are in limbo and like always, not all of them survive.

Just when things are looking up for some of the tenants, they go back to their old ways. When will they learn? Possibly never.

The Undomestic Goddess: Ella comes home from a busy day at work and sees lit candles all around her apartment — after, of course, she finished checking messages on her Blackberry. Not used to having a boyfriend for a very long time, Ella embraces the change, even agreeing to attend a birthday party as Jonah’s date. That is, until he begins to smother her.

At the birthday party which is for a dog, it’s clear Ella is a bit out of place, with the numerous dogs running around. Ella eyes someone she wants to talk to and she decides they should take the “divide and conquer” strategy, to which Jonah just nods and agrees. Crazily enough, Drew is part of the party’s entertainment, moonlighting as a “rock star.” Small, small world. Jonah’s agent runs over to get him to schmooze with one of the suits. Oh L.A.

Jonah sees Ella and an agent Michael Hoover sweet-talking. He gets jealous with the way she was working him over, but Jonah gets worked up over the way she just handled herself with Michael. Ella gets noticeably upset, telling Jonah that maybe this boyfriend-girlfriend thing isn’t the right way to go. After all, they’re two very different people.

Jonah confides in Drew (guest star Nick Zano) about his relationship problems with Ella. Drew gives him some advice. “Ella is a very different beast than Riley,” he says, stating the obvious. “She seems pretty unpredictable.” Acting like the complex’s therapist/psychiatrist, Drew tells Jonah that in order for his relationship with Ella to work, he has to let go of all preconceptions and maybe, just maybe, he may actually like Ella for who she is. Jonah and Ella bump into each other at a restaurant called Coal. They make up, agreeing to compromise on their relationship.

Taking Some Action: Drew and one of the patients hold an innocent wheelchair race down one of the hallways, but of course, it doesn’t last very long once Lauren berates him for having fun at work. David brings Lauren In-N-Out for dinner in an effort to feed his girlfriend, but remembering her boss’ threat, Lauren begins to act out with David. Just as she’s about to potentially break up with David, she’s paged. Saved by the beep. David, on the other hand, is set on showing Lauren that he can live up to her standards. Drew tells David that nothing’s been out of the ordinary at the hospital, so something else must be up.

David goes to Coal looking to purchase the property for $1.5 million in cash. Mason (guest star Rick Fox) tells him someone’s offered a cool $2.2 million and that the deal is closing tomorrow afternoon Zing. Mason gives him the details: If David can beat the offer before the deal goes down, the place is his. Time’s a wastin’ my friend.

Later in the day, David tells Lauren his secret, hoping that she’s been drifting away because she senses he’s keeping something from her. He tells her about Vanessa and that he is the father of Noah, not his dad. Lauren is speechless. What does a girl say to that? “I can’t be with you anymore, David,” Lauren says. “Because I have a kid?,” David asks. “We’re just different people on different paths,” she says. Little do you know, David. At the hospital, Drew makes a joke about having to start his “day job” as a man who sells his body for sex, which rubs Lauren the wrong way. Duh. Drew asks what’s wrong after Lauren’s minor freakout, but obviously something isn’t right.

David reverts back to his old ways, trying to make a quick sale with one of his buddies. He needs the money by tomorrow and he’s strapped for time. David sees the diamond ring in a nice mansion and puts a fake in its place, but is caught red-handed by a pretty blonde. She tells David that he can get into a lot of trouble with her father if he ever found out anyone stole that specific piece of jewelry. David gives the diamond ring back to her, as a desperate plea to right the wrongs. But she gives him an ultimatum: sleep with her and he can take the ring, no strings attached. They kiss passionately before they hear someone come in the front door. David takes the ring and as promised, owes the lady a night she’ll never forget.

In an effort to ease Lauren’s troubles, Drew brings over a dartboard with his face plastered in place of the bullseye. Lauren tells Drew that she and David broke up, which makes a whole lot more sense to Drew not that he thinks he knows the whole story. Drew enacts Plan B, which involves taking Lauren (and Riley) out for some much-needed drinks.

David breaks the big news to the gang at Coal that he will probably be the new owner of the restaurant soon. Not so fast. After his celebration, the blonde girl stops by David’s apartment to collect his debt. He doesn’t say no. Guess bad boys never do change.

A Compromising Situation: Ben (guest star Billy Campbell) and Riley are on their way back from their Washington, D.C. trip when they get caught in an awkward situation, to say the least. While in the limo after attending a soiree, Ben and Riley do the unthinkable: They kiss. Before things can get any worse, Riley pulls away, but not after Ben tells her he thought she was giving him signals. They decide to keep it on the downlow, because worst thing that can happen is Amanda finding out and making their lives a living hell.

Just as Amanda is about to head out to a “third-rate film festival” in Santa Barbara, Ben arrives at her apartment to break up with her. He tells her they both want different things, and Amanda’s not buying it. Smart woman, that one. Ben apologizes for being an “overgrown kid,” and tries to save face by telling her he truly does care for her. She tells him to leave, but clearly she should’ve been in a cattier mood.

Riley is clearly prepared, telling Ben what needs to be done for the organization to be set up, but Ben tells her to calm down just a little. They talk about the kiss they shared in the limo. She doesn’t want to get into it, but Ben wants to delve deeper. He tells her he broke up with Amanda, and says that he’s looking for someone who “cares about other people.” If you’re just going off that, then Riley is a perfect match. Ben reassures Riley that she should take the leap and she does, but not before it’s all caught on camera.

Riley spills the beans on her new relationship with Ben to Lauren. Her friend gives her the go-ahead, telling her to have some fun! Later that night, just as Riley’s about to head out, Amanda pays a little visit. She shows her the photos that her private investigator took. Immediately, Riley goes on the defensive, but it’s no use. She’s made an enemy in Amanda. She shows the photos to Ben, who shrugs it off. Ben wants Riley to get past the Amanda obstacle, but she’s not having it. After finding out who Ben really is (aka sleazeball), she walks away from this opportunity. Who wants to work with creepy, middle-aged men who are “hands on” with their new hires? Shudder.

That Darn Painting: Amanda takes a tour of David’s apartment and makes a mental note of a particular painting that Sydney did herself. Amanda’s private investigator briefs her on the status of that beloved painting she’s been looking for. Amanda studies the Sydney’s painting that she saw in David’s place earlier with a magnifying glass and puts some sort of chemical on the canvas, looking for some message under the paint, but there’s nothing there.

What are your thoughts on “Mulholland”? Are you enjoying the addition of Drew to the complex?

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