men at work season 3 finale tbs 'Men at Work' Season 3 finale: Does TBS comedy deserve a Season 4?“Men at Work” wrapped up its third season with a two-part, hour-long finale on Wednesday (March 12) and with it came many changes.

Tyler (Michael Cassidy) and Jude entered into a secret relationship, Neal (Adam Busch) found himself a new apartment, hurting Gibbs (James Lesure) along the way, and Milo (Danny Masterson) continued to feel left out — wait, is this still a comedy?

Well, with the hour-long hilarity out of the way and Season 3 wrapped, the question stands: Does the show deserve a Season 4? Are their more hijinks left to be mined from this funny foursome? Or is it time for “Men at Work” to retire?

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Posted by:Billy Nilles