josh brolin mib suit gi 'Men in Black 3's' Josh Brolin on  'The Gangster Squad' and L.A. prideMen in Black 3” star Josh Brolin seems to be sauntering through Hollywood these days with the sun in his face and the breeze keeping him cool, but for a guy with increasing star power and a resume of extremely awesome films (“No Country for Old Men,” “True Grit,” “Milk,” etc), the actor maintains a sense of stalwart duty to his work, choosing new projects not for the most obvious reasons.
For instance, he opted to join the cast of upcoming film, “The Gangster Squad,” not because he gets to play with guns, cars, and a primo cast of talent — among them Ryan Gosling and Sean Penn. Rather, the selling point for Brolin was his hometown allegiance.
“I’m proud of L.A., and I’ve really tried to embrace California, hence our ‘Californians’ sketch on “SNL,” explains the star to Zap2It at a press conference in Beverly Hills May 3.

“I remember, when I was a kid, being an actor was going to New York and studying in New York and everybody was kind of ashamed to be from California, especially L.A.,” he says. “I really made a point about turning that around because California is pretty freaking great. So, this was a movie about California, about Los Angeles, and I loved the idea of that, first and foremost.” 

Brolin also enjoyed learning about a side of the city that lived before he had a chance to experience it. 
“It was an era that I didn’t know a lot about, especially in Los Angeles, and learning the history of Los Angeles,” he remarks, noting he “crawled” through the times as a one-year-old.
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